not-so-authentic ramen

I really know nothing about ramen except for the fact that it’s cozy and yummy. I in no way claim that this is how one is supposed to make ramen, but I like the way it turned out. It has become a weekly staple for the boyfriend and me.  I’ve gotten into the habit of making broth from my leftover roast chicken carcasses, and it makes for some really great soup.  I simply boil the leftover bones with some onions or garlic for a few hours and then freeze it.

This ramen is a quick easy meal for a weeknight and it doesn’t require many ingredients.  Just whatever veggies sound good, noodles, and a few seasonings are all you need.  I use Chuka Soba noodles, but any store-bought ramen noodles will do.  This time, I am using bok choy along with frozen peas and corn.  The green onions and jalapeno are used as garnish.



Making the ramen broth is easy if you have a solid chicken stock to begin with.  I simply add ground ginger, salt, a little soy sauce, and sesame seed oil.



I’ll make a deal to myself that if I blog consistently for a few weeks I can buy myself a real camera.  Right now I’m using my phone and the pictures are less than satisfactory.

ramen cutting board

As soon as the broth is boiling and seasoned how you like it, add some chopped bok choy.  Let the greens cook until they soften slightly.  Next, add the noodles, corn, and peas.  The noodles will not take long to cook.  Once the noodles are cooked and the veggies are warm, serve the ramen in a nice big bowl.  Top the soup with chopped green onions and some jalapenos if you wish.  I will occasionally add sriracha if I am craving more spice.

Another fantastic addition is a soft boiled or poached egg – which is what I did tonight.  Runny yolk makes the broth so rich.

ramen egg

You’ll find that I’m not one to use specific measurements – which is silly considering I studied math and do statistics for a living.  I just add stuff ’til it tastes good, but I’ll try to be good about giving ballpark estimates of how much of each ingredient I use.


  • Nearly one large pot full of chicken stock
  • 2 bok choy.. bulbs?
  • 1 handful frozen corn
  • 1 handful frozen peas
  • 1 bunch green onions
  • At least 1 tablespoon dry ground ginger
  • A few tiny drops of sesame seed oil
  • A few glugs of soy sauce (be sure to add this before the salt)
  • Salt
  • Optional: jalapenos, sriracha, soft-boiled egg


  • Bring the broth to a boil and add soy sauce, ginger, salt, and sesame seed oil.  Taste to see if it is salty enough.
  • Meanwhile, chop the bok choy.  As soon as the broth is boiling, add the veggies.
  • Once the bok choy has softened, add the noodles to the broth and cook until al dente.
  • Spoon everything into bowls and top with green onions and other optional things.



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