Meeting and Greeting

I’ve been told that I should have a blog for a while now, apparently some people think I’m funny and experience things that deserved to be written about. I’m not sure that that is 100% true, though perhaps my usual repartee will translate well to the written form. But this blog isn’t called “Allison’s bumbling 20s”, and one of the great things about a sister is that they will call you out, so this intro shouldn’t be framing this blog as mine. Though, I think my posts will generally be better.

Aimee and I live a block and change away from each other (500 steps according to my trusty fitbit) on San Francisco’s Nob Hill. We cook (well really she more than me), eat, and drink in that general vicinity, but can be convinced to leave the comfy confines of the #1 bus with promises of tasty food and strong cocktails. I envision this as a space for Aimee to post the recipes that she executes flawlessly, me to imagine what it’s like to not be inept in the kitchen, and both of us to bicker about who’s turn it is to write.

Bon appétit!


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